Liquid Utensil Cleaners Are Expected to Outpace the Growth of Bars in India: Bonafide Research

Growing urbanization, rising disposable incomes, convenience of liquid over bar, wars between multinationals, aesthetics and attractive packaging are the factors which will attract Indian consumers towards liquid dishwashing cleaners.

    In India, household supplies and cleaners are seeing a spurt in growth. Increasing household budgets have allowed for new categories to enter the household. Indian housewives are now open to spend incrementally on specialty cleaning products. Over decades ago, Indian consumers used to wash utensils with laundry detergents. Then detergent specially designed to clean the dishes were launched. However, it was only after dishwashing bars launch that this category started growing intensely.

    According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Utensil Cleaner Market Outlook, 2021”, utensil cleaners are growing with more than 15% CAGR from last five years. Among all the product types, liquid cleaners are the fastest growing segment. The convenience offered by the liquid format and the reduction in wastage as compared with the bar format made the former a popular choice, especially in urban households. Urban consumers are rapidly shifting towards liquid since it offers more economy and convenience. Apart from urban consumers, rural markets are also expected to outperform as rural consumers are evolving towards a broader notion of value which involves aspects of price combined with utility, aesthetics and features, and not just low prices.

    The dish washing liquid was first introduced to India in 1999 by Henkel in the form of Pril, which is now taken up by Jyothy Laboratories. The other major brands who were subsequently introduced to the market were Vim, Exo, Xpert and recently Dettol. HUL’s Vim faces intense competition from Jyothy Laboratories in the form of Pril and Reckitt & Benckiser in the form of Dettol, both of which have strong brand equity due to the long presence of the brands in the...