Level 3 Assignment 6 Teaching Assistant

Inclusion is Education is the approach of how to educate students with special needs.Inclusion is about the child's right to participate with students without disabilities and its the schools duty to accept that, its about not preventing them from participating fully in a non SEN class. Mainstream education may not always be right for every child but this doesn't mean it cant be included successfully at a later stage.

SEN Professionals - can affect the success because they can monitor a child for a couple of days and think they know what is best for the child instead of looking at records from what the students teacher has made over the term or spoken to the parents to understand how there child works.

FUNDING - is a major issue to the practice of inclusion, teaching students with disabilities in general education classrooms takes specialists and additional staff to support but sometimes schools don't have the budget to employ the specialists needed.

PLANNING- planning and setting up programs to help a SEN student is a team effort and if the program is not followed it can affect how successful it could be, i.e if the school follows the plan but for some reason it isn't followed at home or vice versa. A lot of time is needed between lots of helpers/authorities and carers for it to work.

Accessibility - a student with a disability can not learn in an inclusive classroom if he or she can not get into the building or around the building. School has to have ramps, lifts etc if required and door handles around the buildings should be for all students with or without disabilities can use easily.

Training - If the SEN teachers aren't trained correctly aswell as the regular teachers for example having the correct materials in class for the SEN student to use, supporting each other can make it a success also.

A TA can promote IL by creating opportunities for pupils by providing with extension work to do individually or with a block of work where they can...