Letter to Politician

To the State Premier
Hello sir, my name is Kyle Semsom. I am a student of XXXX school. I chose to pen this letter because I am, to be honest, very shocked at the percentage of young teenagers who are into all sorts of different drugs before they are at a legal age and this might become a great barrier for their success in the future. I just wanted to share my ideas to help to reduce this problem.
Firstly, to reduce the percentage of the underage legal drug consumers, the cost of legal drugs such as alcohol, and cigarettes should rise severely. This might stop the young teenagers from purchasing the drugs or even stop their parents from purchasing the drug due to a severe increase of cost of the same product they used to buy.
Secondly, the parents of whose child or children are in this situation should be aware of their children’s schedules. They should reduce the amounts of what teenagers call ‘Meet-ups’. Parents might have great trust in their child for being in the very good side but somehow they can be mistaken. Teenagers can get into the drug use when they are in a large group.
Thirdly or lastly, the government should have more detailed and more graphical television advertisements. The television advertisements on now is only focused on people over 18 years of age, but there should be advertisements where its focused on young teenagers as well to show the consequences of the use of drugs when you are young.
To conclude, I personally want this to happen. I am not into drugs but there are some of my friends who are in the same situation. Thank you for reading my letter.
Your Sincerely
From: Sunny Moon