Letter of Inquiry


Your Company wants to serve as trustee for the project of Social Welfare Foundation, which is working for poor and destitute. Write a letter of inquiry to the head of the foundation and ask about funding, benefits, desired results and facilities being offered to the people.


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November, 15, 2010

Executive Director
Social Welfare Foundation

Dear Executive director,

My company has been observing your organization for some time, and would like to inform you that you are doing a marvelous job by helping the poor and destitute people.
Due to your reputation my company has decided to serve your organization as a trustee. My company will provide you adequate funds that will be sufficient for your desired actions for example in the accomplishment of your projects and in widening your business on country wide basis. Whether you would be interested in receiving a proposal from my company, I want to assure you that my company supports the nurturing of the poor and destitute. We here at Virtual University Group strongly believe in reducing poverty that will be possible by strong co-operation and large scale work to cut the roots of poverty.
Apart from that my company also plans on setting aside a good amount of fortune to be invested in providing educational facilities for the poor. I personally feel that our strategic planning has the absolute potential to transform the lives of many who are being offered shelter within your organization.

I would also like to know what are the facilities being offered by your organization to the poor. And how do the those people benefit from your organization? I would really appreciate your positive response for better future business.

Thank you,
Executive Director.


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