Letter Love

Tiffani   Marry       Summer school                 July 29,2010          

I am a 62 native American man who rules my own my own tribe. I get more
people by men and women having sexual intercourse to have babies so they
can grow up and work hard for me. Everyday we get up and go hunt for  
animals so we can eat. Sometimes we go get fish, we do trading with the
British people’s. Evan some times we still other people food so we Can
survive. The women clean while the men work to support they families.
The women has no right to leave the house without the husbands unless he
said its right to. When storms start to come we never know want to do. The
tree’s are messed up also our tribe. When storms start to come more people
Dies. After the storm did that we lost all over food we only had a little to bit
but the British had what we liked. So we traded with the British. We gave
them all what he had left, and that was milk, Rat and chicken. After we gave
them that they gave us their goods such as, deer, goat, tobacco those are
what we didn’t have. They tribe was very nice to use and our tribe was nice
to Them. We had traded what we each didn’t have. Also another reason why
we cant get the food we need because they are in the south and the north.
The north and the south get sunlight and most of the time we get rain and
cloudy days. When these bad storms starts again we get scared not knowing
what to do. Thinking should we stay in the tents or run. Most of the time we loose our people during the storms. We would know the amount of people we loosed. Either we loose our slaved because they raned away or died.