Learning a New Skill


Recently I embarked on a project to cut costs in developing an online website related to my business.
I had already paid a firm to build and implement a website for me.   Updating this website was a difficult and time consuming process which produced little results. My knowledge of web based programing languages was limited and basic.
To overcome this I researched all the available options and eventually settled on an open source website platform called Joomla.
The goal was to replace the current website with one designed and developed by myself, which could be easily updated when needed.

Looking over the documentation it seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. I was comfortable with the concept and how it all worked to produce the result I wanted.
The platform is a module based one with no real progaming experiencing needed. My basic knowledge of HTML and PHP would be quite enough.


The experience of learning something new from scratch was overwhelming at the beginning. I began to wonder if I had chosen the right platform as the amount of new information I had to decipher was huge.  
Nothing seemed to make sense. I felt as if I was going around in circles.
Had I made the right choice? Did I really have the time to learn a new skill?
Should I just pay someone to do it for me and spend my time more wisely doing other more productive tasks?
Nothing I did seemed to work correctly. I followed all the instructions as I saw them but still I ran into unforeseen problems that were not covered in the documentation.  
I really felt many times during my learning process that I had made the wrong decision to even attempt to learn about this new technology.


Gradually as time went by and I stuck with the task of learning I overcame my initial obstacles. At the time it did not feel as if I had accomplished anything but looking back at it I would say I did.
My level of understanding of the technology has risen quite...