Leagal Risks

Based on my assessments and the way I like to work, I am an authoritive style leader. I tend to like to be the boss and tell everyone what to do and to advise them how to do it and the way I want it done. The authoritative leader traits are: seldom lets others make decisions, feels he/she is the most qualified and experienced, considers his/her views to be most valid, lacks confidence in others abilities, critical of differing opinions, rarely gives recognition, is easily offended, uses others for his/her benefit, action oriented, and is highly competitive. The greatest strength of this particular leadership style is that Authoritive leaders tend to produce action when its needed.   Authoritive leaders get the job done, but at a high emotional cost.
I also happen to have social anxiety disorder which makes it extremely hard for me to communicate verbally with others. I am fine communicating through emails and texts, but face to face communication or verbal communication on the phone is very hard for me. I do not like working in teams or with others and I have turned down positions where working as a team member on a regular basis is required. My disability tends to limit my career choices, but I know working in a team constantly would be worse than what I do now.
Right now, I work in retail as a merchandiser. This job suits me quite well as I get to work alone for the most part, and make my own schedule. I am given tasks to complete in various retail stores with little supervision, so I run my own show. On the occasion I have to work with someone else, I am usually in a training scenario, so again, I am the boss. They listen and watch what I do so they know how to accomplish their tasks in their own stores.
I think that the position I hold now is what suits me best, but I would enjoy a training position or a managerial position where I could remotely manage people through emails, texts, and occasional in store training sessions. Because of my authoritive nature...