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Part I   Proposal to setting up program in written communication skills (2)
a)       Company Description
b)       Proposal                                                    
Part II PESTL analysis of the external environment of the Pinewood Shepperton Company (4)
a)       Introduction
b)       PESTLE analysis
c)       Analysis Report                                        
Part III Reflective writing (7 )


Company Description  
Company called MedicLex Is London based distribution centre processing medical devices. Our teams are fully trained to provide customer with high quality products that we ship to whole Europe, Middle East and Africa. Company has several departments however the pressure is on the shop floor, internal communication is crucial to keep the flow. Due to life rescue product customer might often contact our customer service team and the answer needs to be provided in agreed time lines. The written communication skills must be clear and are essential between team members and customers.  
Problem description
Due to growing number of complains part of investigation held by HR department was to find the main cause. Is has been noticed that there are several nationalities and the level of communication is different between staff and customers. The internal and external written communication is going to be a big challenge within the company. The research   has looked into complains, emails, and reports that are send to our customers, we found numbers of errors such as use of medical terminology often not easy to understand, misspelling, and incorrect grammar. Badly written internal...