Law Enforcement


January 7 2011

Fred Watson

Law Enforcement Agencies

  The local and state law enforcement has many responsibilities, duties, and functions to perform on a daily basis. Many people believe that the local and state law enforcement does nothing but patrolling there jurisdiction.   The state and local law enforcement has many things they need to do on a daily basis in making sure we are safe.
  The local law enforcement agencies have to patrol, maintain records, enforce traffic laws, community service and they are responsible for keeping with in the budget.   This was to name a few. The local law is very busy throughout there day and also trying to stop crime.
The state law enforcement agencies besides patrolling the states highways. The state law enforcement responsibilities are the inspection of vehicles as the state sees fits for regulation. The state also does criminal investigation, community initiatives and public relations.
    The major differences between the local and state law enforcement is there is none. The reason why is because the local and state law enforcement follow the same resources and they have the same budgets to follow, staff, and jurisdiction to stay in.
I have found three federal law enforcement agencies and there indemnity.   The Federal Bureau of Investigations also known as the FBI. The United States Marshals Service also known as USMS. The third federal law enforcement is United States Border Patrol also known for USBP.
The FBI has eight major criminal investigation cases that they are responsible for and they are on counter intelligence, civil rights, cyber crime, white collar, and major theft of violent crime, organized crime, counter terrorism, and public corruption.
The USMS is responsible for protecting federal judge’s courts, fugitives, managing and selling assets, protecting witnesses, transporting prisoners, serving court documents, and conducting criminal investigations.
The USBP is...