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Global Concrete Superplasticizer Market Size and
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Overview 2015 - 2019

Concrete superplasticizers are admixtures formed by linear polymerization of sulfonic acids attached to
polymer backbones. They play an important role in construction materials, as they enhance strength,
binding properties, flowability, and workability. Concrete superplasticizers are available in two forms:
powders and liquids. End-users usually prefer the liquid form, as the powdered form is difficult to add to
concrete mixtures and to maintain uniformity. Concrete superplasticizers are used in ready-mix
concrete, precast concrete, high-performance concrete, shotcrete, and others.
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Based on type, the global concrete superplasticizer market can be segmented into SNF, MLS, PC, and
SMF. SNF concrete superplasticizers are water-soluble construction materials and consist of
naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensates. PC concrete superplasticizers are high-range water
reducers and are used as dispersants to avoid particle aggregation and improve suspension flow.
Table Of Content
PART 01: Executive summary
PART 02: Scope of the report

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Market overview
Top-vendor offerings
PART 03: Market research methodology
Research methodology
Economic indicators
PART 04: Introduction
Key market highlights
PART 05: Market landscape
Market overview
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PART 06: Global concrete superplasticizer market
Market size and forecast by volume
Market size and forecast by revenue
Five forces analysis
PART 07: Market segmentation by form
Segmentation of global concrete...