What is love?Many of us have the tendency to equate love with romance.Some pictured out the act of possesing or being possessed by another person.In other people love is become a sex.And some says"Love is blind"that this to be attracted for the good qualities.
                    When I was a child my parents give a gift for my birthday and christmas they kiss me and said"I love you" .I am so happy when they gave me a gift.that was the first time that I remembered the way they say I loveyou. For me" love is by means of god".In an relationships if God put in the center of the relationships,no on e can separate them.Bec.he is the founder of all things righteousness and love.God could be your neighbor friend family parent healer and also provider .He will never leave us as far of what we doing.His love never failed.Through loneliness he gave rest for who called his name .For there are times I am lonely the only thing Ive done is to pray.In loving encounter I go to church for there are activities like prayer meeting ang diff.camps that I can share my word and have good example for them as a youth.In reciprocity of love,it is important that love wants the freedom of others if you love the person you know she was never yours have no loabilities for her life .It is better that you should go her for a right path not to dangerous one.In the Creativity   of life,is important when you gave the freedom ,it becomes fruitful because you have the trust to make relationships way.Make your way Equal ,knowing each other is important .Like I'm doing I open myself for any demands of my life and i accept what   somewhat passive asking from me .