Lake Isle of Innis Free Wb Yeats

The lake isle of innisfree by William Butler Yeats

The poet says that he will arise and go to Innisfree, where he will build a small cabin "of clay and wattles made." There, he will have nine bean-rows and a beehive, and live alone in the glade with the sound of the loud bees, "the bee-loud glade". He says that he will have peace there, because peace comes from "the veils of morning to where the cricket sings." the singing cricket is peaceful and relaxing. “Midnight there is a glimmer, and noon is a purple glow, and evening is full of linnet's wings.” he describes in detail what the times of day are like, he uses the words “glimmer… purple glow … full of linnets wings” he uses these to create a beautiful picture in your mind. He says again that he will arise and go, for always, night and day, he hears the lake water lapping "with low sounds by the shore." While he stands in the city, "on the roadway, or on the pavements grey," his heart does not want to be where he is, his heart wants to go to innisfree "in the deep heart's core."

I think this poem should win an award because it has so much imagery and the language the poet uses is outstanding. The poet also uses sounds eg: “the bee loud glade,” in this you can hear bees humming, “to where the cricket sings,” you can hear crickets singing, “with low sounds by the shore,” you can hear the waves of the sea reaching the shore quietly. The language he uses is so descriptive you can almost picture “the lake isle of innisfree”. this poem is a beautiful descriptive poem and it is one of my favourites.