Cost & Solutions   to Family Fragmentation  &   Father Absence   In Richmond, VA   


Cost & Solutions to Family Fragmentation  and Father Absence in Richmond, VA   
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About Benjamin Scafidi 

The cost of family fragmentation and father absence was calculated using  methodology designed by a native of Richmond Benjamin Scafidi, Ph.D.,  economist from the Georgia Family Council.  Dr. Scafidi is also an associate  professor in the J. Whitney Bunting School of Business at Georgia College &  State University.  His research has focused on education and urban policy.   He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Virginia and his  bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Notre Dame.  Dr. Sca‐ fidi, his wife Lori Scafidi and their four children reside in Milledgeville, Geor‐ gia. 

  The link between poverty and family fragmentation has been well researched and is  widely accepted.  Family fragmentation and father absence has caused an increase  in taxpayer cost to antipoverty programs, justice system programs and education pro‐ grams. Compared with Medicaid and Food Stamps, Justice System costs (courts, police,  prisons, jails) present the most likely source for redirecting funds into preventive, alter‐ native and reentry programs as those presented in the Solutions portion of this report. 

Cost and Solutions to Family Fragmentation and Father Absence in Richmond The Cost
Much of the public discourse over fatherhood and marriage focuses on two parent homes and marriage as a social, moral or religious institution. “But marriage is also an economic institution, a powerful creator of human and social capital. Increases in divorce and unwed childbearing have broad economic implications, including large expenditures of the federal and state governments.” Scafidi, 2008. This is the first ever report that attempts to...