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Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training (H/505/0912)

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1.0     |   1 Analyse own role and responsibilities in education and training In my teaching carrier my roles include: -being a teacher, trainer, coach, instructor, an assessor, lecturer and a model My responsibilities as a teacher is to make sure my learners are enrolled on the right course, in terms of meeting their award and organizational requirements. In order to do this I have the responsibility for the following: -to promote a safe learning environment -to promote equality and diversity -to ensure my professional development -to ensure I have the right advice or to send my learners to the right department for example; student finance or any other courses which they are interested.     |
1.1     | 2 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities. In my teaching carrier I might be working in primary, secondary, or higher education for this I need to know which legislations to follow Some of the legislations I will mention them bellow: Equality Act(2010) Under this Act, as a teacher I have to expect to meet learners with different race, sex, culture and disabilities. Is my responsibility to make sure I treat everyone fairly and equal although each one of my learners is different all of them will be equal so in this way I will avoid any discrimination issues. Sex discrimination act(1975) As a teacher is...