Kristin Cookies

5. Your product must be made to order because each order is potentially unique. If you decide to sell standard cookies instead, how should you change the production system? The order-taking process? Other policies?

Current process requires order before production because our cookies are unique. If we decide to sell standard cookies instead, our system would change due to the following reasons:

We would be able to make cookies before we receive orders. This means we would have an estimate for daily orders and try to get part of them prepared whenever we can. However, for those who need freshly made cookies, we can separate those orders as “fresh-requested”. For any order that’s non-“fresh requested”, we need to figure out a way to store those pre-made cookies and still keep them relatively fresh and tasty, which may encounter extra cost. However, I believe our flow time will be shortened because customers can just show up at our door and pick up the product. This would ultimately increase our capacity which means our average cost might actually decrease. We also believe that a customized menu can add value as we tailor customers’ needs to the maximum. This would enable us to attract more business throughout time. However, for large orders, we should still require a phone call or an email from the customer and a partial deposit in advance. To open online payment (Paypal etc.) there’s additional costs too, and we need to take that into our consideration.

With our order-taking process changed, I believe that it’s necessary to have an according cancellation/change policy. Our team agrees that “return” orders are not acceptable as recycled cookies will only go to waste.