King Lear

The Fantasy Genre
General Facts:
  * Fantasy will always represent a non-fiction story, it can never represent non-fiction.
  * Almost in all cases it will use some kind of magic
  * Supernatural phenomenon is usually the main focus of the story
  * Can sometimes centralize this phenomenon in general items (Jewels, Crystals, hidden with loads of power)
  * Often is confused with genres such as science-fiction as well as horror. Often time all three are mixed together
  * Key difference is that magic is a phenomenon that has been in the work of fiction since before the time of the book and seemingly without reason with the intent of it being natural. Whereas sci-fi has a scientific background or making to it.
  * Fantasy genre mainly has a medieval form, which uses items such as castles, swords, dragons etc…(Lord of the rings)
  * In a sense a fantasy world can make itself, unravel itself in the actions of its characters.
  * Other concepts such as mystical creatures, obscure monsters and talking animals is a common one
  * Most fantasy stories have long as a strong background
  * Many fantasy stories have a hero thrust into action unwillingly.
  * Fantasy revolves around the use of a natural world, where nothing originally placed in it is out of the ordinary
  * Make believe, turning the reader into a believer, is a main concept of fantasy
  * Almost every aspect of fantasy can be considered an unrealistic concept
  * The idea of fantasy is for its world to unravel around us, to wrap us so tightly in its story that we only truly realize what reality is when the story is finished
  * Fantasy usually describes stories that could never exist in our world because the nature and concept behind the story is one that could never happen here in the first place.
  * Fantasy is something everyone grew up believing in, whether it was the tooth fairy, Santa clause, imaginary friends, wishing on candles etc…

Quotes on Fantasy: