Khojali Massacre

On the one hand, I feel anger and sorrow but, on the other hand, feeling satisfaction and pride for seeing you all gathering here to condemn this type of cruelty and wildness regardless of race and religion of the victims who were the subject of this Massacre.
It has been so horrible for me to witness the people of Karabagh, especially Khojali who had to flee from a serious and 100% death. You can imagine how it would impact a 7 years old boy to see the casualties from a real genocide. Khojali Massacre was the result of Russian policy and Armenian greed to occupy Azerbaijani land to build a great Armenia.
Later on, I learned many facts about that scary day. Because it was carved in my mind and there was no way to throw it away. I was there to see how humankind could be even wilder than animals to invade their own kind for just getting some more benefits of an unreliable world.
Every year when it gets closer to Commemoration of Khojali, my memories come around automatically and my eyes start tearing.
I am not telling this story because I am an Azerbaijani from Iran, actually we were indirectly told not to talk about this issue by the Iranian regime. I am telling it because this is not just Azeri’s issue but also an issue for all humanity, even Armenians. Because this type of cruelty will advocate other beasts to massacre our humanity.
We all are here to make sure that this type of tragedy will not happen to any nation in the world.