Brief list of actions I would take with reasons on receiving my aged debtors report

  * I am going to continue trading with Bargain Bikes because I have generated a fair amount of turnover with them and they don’t owe me a huge amount of money.
  * I am going to continue to trade with Bartons ltd because they have not gone over their credit limit and this business generates a huge amount of turnover, so if I stopped doing business with them, I would lose a lot of my turnover.
  * I am going to stop doing business with The Cyclestore because they do not give me as much business as they should so I do not generate a large amount of turnover and I would rather do business with a different company who will allow me to generate higher levels of turnover.
  * I am going to stop doing business with Gemeni cycles because they also don’t allow me to generate as much income as I would like to, and it is not worth trading with someone if there is a lot more potential in doing business with another company.
  * I will continue doing business with Speedway Cycles because they are allowing me to generate the most turnover out of any of my debtors and this is really good for my business. I do the most business with this company and they are therefore my most successful business relationship.
  * I will stop trading with Trent Bridge Tandems because they do not help me to generate a large turnover and I would rather be owed money by someone who will help me to grow my business and to make more money, rather than someone who is only allowing me to make a smaller amount of money.

Critical appraisal of Sage Accounts System

I think that my Sage experience was overall an enjoyable one where I learnt a lot and didn’t have any huge troubles in using this software. I do feel however, that if I did not have a booklet guiding me through how to use it, I would have found it very difficult to get used to initially, but I’m sure there are tutorials provided by sage on how...