Key Christian Beleifs

1 page essay “Outline Key Christian Beliefs”

Beliefs is an acceptance of a statement that is true or to acknowledge that something exits, Christians have their main belief as being God, and that he died for the salvation of his people. Christians follow a very monotheistic point of view, in that their God is almighty and powerful and all knowing. However, there is an important symbol known as the Trinity which expresses three distinct characters that make up one God: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Each of these subjects is believed in the christian faith to have a significant role as by each having a unique symbol that is solely related to each character.

The second person in the Holy Trinity is God the Son, whom is more commonly known as Jesus, who was sent by God the father in order to forgive us our sins and provide us with salvation thus earning eternal life. Although Jesus was the messiah, and a king, he didn't own a palace, he didn't have any slaves and he didn't wear a crown, he was merely a religious figure that taught the good news on the side of the street however his divinity was what set him apart from every other human. God the son (Jesus) was born to a woman named Mary, who was believed to have been a virgin. Being born by human form, Jesus was subjected to the same trials and tribulations as any other normal human, he suffered, endured pain and felt sorrow. In relation to the pain and suffering that Jesus endured, he was crucified under unjust causes as he was beginning to be a threat to the high priests fearing a revolt, thus death was Jesus' punishment, however three days after this milestone in the Christian faith, he rose from the dead, marking another great celebration in the Christian calender. It wasn't until fourty days after the resurrection of Jesus that he was finally ascended into heaven leaving his teachings in the faith and integrity of his disciples and apostles.

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