Kennedy's New Frontier

Kennedy’s New Frontier
June 3, 2011

    The intention behind John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier initiative was to better the economy as well as provide international aid, improve the space program and increase national defenses.   Kennedy also made sure that companies controlled price fixing.   Some big companies, such as those involved in steel production, did not appreciate this; however, it did prevent consumers from over-paying for products.  
      During his presidency he created the Peace Corps and the Alliance for Progress.   Both of these programs were designed to assist other countries.   While the Peace Corps focused more on sending teachers to economically challenged nations to help with educational needs the Alliance for Progress was more specific with its focus being on assisting Latin America.   Kennedy also had to contend with the Soviet Union and the continuation of the Cold War.   The Partial Test Ban Treaty was created, which was signed by both the Soviet Union and the United States.   By signing this treaty, both countries agreed to limit nuclear testing to underground only.
    Kennedy also pushed for Congress to expand the space program.   This was especially important after the Soviet Union had the first cosmonaut navigate around the earth.   Kennedy’s goal was to have a manned space mission to the moon complete with a 10 year time frame.
    While Kennedy may not have been successful at passing much legislation during his presidency, he did lay the groundwork for many social and economic reforms.   The work that he was able to accomplish did make an impact and helped to bolster an ailing economy.