Karen Woo

Karen Woo's death

Karen Woo was a british doctor, who got killed in the Badakshan massacre on Agust 6th 2010. Karen Woo was according to her friends and family a caring and giving person, who gave up her wellpaid job in London, in order to travel to Afganistan and help treating people there.

On her blog ”Dr Karen Explores Healthcare in Afganistan” she writes about her desire to help the afgans, and give the world insight in their lives by making a documentary. Her blog also reveals that she was aware of the risk of staying in Afganistan, but that she could not resist the desire of becoming a hero. She writes ”I'm going back to Afghanistan but maybe I should stay in England, get a regular doctor's job and nine to five some sensible money. Instead I am dealing with the unusual sensation - reliant on others as never before - of even more elevated risk. I might come home with my tail between my legs but I might just come home in glory [..]”, which clearly shows how she felt about the job of helping people in Afganistan.

Karen Woo had big plans but never got the chance to complete dem. She was suposed to return home and marry her fiance Marc ”Paddy” Smith shortly after the murder. The only   survivor of the attack explains what happend in ”The Independent”. On August 6th Karen Woo and the rest of her medical team were in Nuristan in order to provide medical care to the locals. They were resting in a forested area, when 10 gunmen showed up. They began shooting and throwing grenades, and killed 10 members of the medical team, including Karen Woo. The survivor tells that they were well-organised and motivated militants. After killing the 10 people they took some of their stuff and money, and forced the survivor to carry their weapon for 8 hours. One of the killers carried a radio, which he used to report that ”everything was done”, and that they had killed them. After questioning him about his relation to the killed ones, and his family and faith they dumped him...