Karanovic's Besa

Karanovic’s   besa

    ‘’For all Albanians, ‘‘besa’’ was the highest human ethical value, stronger than any contract, and more important than   life.’’ - Bekim Fehmiu

Today, ‘’Besa'' is just a movie by Srdjan Karanovic.
Stylish movie.
And it comes in time when people do not keep the given word. Now days, we vote for a bunch of laws and when we pass the laws we don’t stand for them, especially the politicians who created them. Today, movies are made in accordance to national and political and sometimes even clerical interests.The movie ‘‘Besa’’ is a true art in time when we experience art and culture as propaganda, and each premiere like an opportunity for promotion.
    So, Azem gave his word and he also kept his word, his ‘besa’,   he protected Lea sitting in front of her door at school until the return of Lea’s husband, the school principal, whom Azem gave a solemn promise. Despite the war, and the environment which is changed by the war, despite serbian officer with white gloves, in spite of himself, even Lea.
    ‘’Heroism is to save oneself from attacks of others, and bravery is to protect others from yourself, from war, nations, entities, prejudice, and even love.’’ - Srdjan Karanovic.
    ‘‘Besa’’ is a movie about a unique world that consists of Albanian, and Slovenian married to a Serb, and Srb, and kids the Serbian and Albanian, and morning between peace and war, and Schubert song, and fiddle the instrument of all nations, and that yard where local residents and the military were passing through...
    Our betrayal is in allowing that world to be destroyed, a world of 'besa’ where someone else's integrity and identity is respected. And because of that our culture don’t crumble into dust they rot turning into mold. With so few heros but with so many thieves.
    Movie ‘‘Besa’’ with all the expressiveness Azem’s character returns us to the world of honor and dignity, a world that now it seems forgotten. Srdjan Karanovic summarizes, directs,...