English Speech

Good morning/afternoon teachers and students. For my presentation I have chosen to display and explain how distinctive visual texts affect how we see the world and our relationships with others.   The following slides consist of images and quotes from our prescribed text Maestro and the well-known Australian poem ‘The Man From Snowy River’ written by Banjo Patterson.

The first section of my presentation is quotes and images from the book Maestro. I have chosen these particular quotes and images because I found they are the most descriptive and interesting parts from the book.

‘’Tattooed on the pale hairless skin of his left forearm, just above the watch line, six faded blue digits.’’ This quote represents the time Keller spent in the concentration camp during the war. The author has described Keller to an extent we can picture an image of him in front of us.

I have chosen the picture of the 6 faded blue digits to represent his time in the camp. The tattoo also represents the pain and suffering he endured during that time in his life and very similar to the tattoo Keller is not only physically though mentally scared for life from his personal experience.

For my second picture a have chosen three hairless kittens. This image is describing Keller’s pale hairless skin. Similar to the cats Keller has no hair and is pale very close to a newborn babies appearance or young child. In the days when Keller was alive, having hair would have shown a sign of masculinity and maturity. This can be seen as the concentration camp stripping him from his masculinity and taken away all his power and authority and showing that the hair has not regrown shows that he is still suffering and feels insecure from his experiences.

The third image I have chosen is Keller’s watch. This picture represents past, present and future in Keller’s life. The positioning of Keller’s watch how it is just below his tattoo shows that every time Keller looks at a watch he is...