The range of professionals who work within childrens services
or may be relevant to childrens services are:
Flying start - these offer programmes that will help children
develop through lanagage, opportunities and play they hold
different events where children can meet and experience
a new adventure with support and learning outcomes.
Liaison Officers - are people who liaise between two or
more organisations to communicate and coordinate
activities these help protect people or help avoid a bad
situation happening, they help make progress and
communication possible between others for the best
Funding Organisations - help fund money and opportunities
for children and people to have experiences and to gain
knowlege to help them grow and develop within the
community, arranging events and programmes to work with
and along-side others.
Training Coordinators - are responsible for planning, developing,
coordinating and implementing training programs and services
to better to overall service and knowledge of the care of others.
Social Workers - Social workers work along side families
experiencing crisis or been socially excluded they provide
support, professional relationships, act as guides and work
within a framework to help and give a crutial guidence with
people who are in a situation.
Ofsted/CSSIW - Are there to make sure education and care
settings are applying frameworks, guidelines, giving the best
care, qualilty and standards for those who attend a setting.
the carry out yearly inspections to make sure all areas are
at a high standard and that children are getting the best benfits.
The benifits of a multi-professional approach is that the
best outcomes and benifits can be brought together with
many professionals knowledge and skills working in the right
areas for the childs needs.