Jimmy Munday

Although they come from different worlds, Gran and Matron Neal are very similar characters.
Gran and Matron Neal are very similar characters in the novel ‘No Sugar’. They both share very similar interests especially in the way that they want to help better aborigine’s speech, knowledge, health and thinking abilities. Matron Neal finds this to be a very difficult task as when she tries to really help them out her husband Mr. N.S Neal steps in and stops her because he is scared that they may feel a little confidence and try to over throw the camp. Gran stands up for her family and tries to protect them as best she possibly can. Matron Neal is aware that her husband takes advantage of the young indigenous girls that work in the hospital.
Gran is an elder indigenous care taker of her family, her character is built upon very strong values and beliefs that she lives by. Matron Neal is a very similar character in the way that she has her very own opinions, thoughts and values. They both want to help indigenous Australians be the best people they can be in these camps, although Matron Neal’s thoughts and ideas are often suppressed because her husband Mr. N.S Neal is worried about helping the indigenous to much as they are a nuisance without any knowledge and he doesn’t want to be giving them any ideas.
Gran is a very strong character in this book. To the reader she comes across as a leader in the indigenous community of Northam and especially in the small family that she has. An example of her leadership and courage in this novel is when all indigenous occupants of Northam are being moved to another camp, and they are told that they cannot take their pets with them but Gran stands her ground and refuses to leave without her two dogs. So eventually sergeant carrol allows her to take the two dogs with her to the new camp.
Matron Neal is fully aware of the corruption that is happening with in the ‘white’ authorities and most importantly the corruption that her husband is...