Investigating Osmosis in a potato tuber

To see and investigate Osmosis in a potato tuber.
As the sucrose concentration increased there will be a greater decrease in the mass of the potato.
  * 5 test tubes
  * Test tube rack
  * Potato
  * Sucrose solution (0.25, 0.50 ,0.75, 1.00)
  * Electronic balance
  * Ruler
  * Tile
  * Cork borer
  * Scalpel
  * Tweezers
  * water
For safety we all wore lab coats to protect our clothing and safety goggles to protect our eyes.
  1. Gather all equipment together and set it all up ready to begin the experiment.
  2. Measure out 10cm3 of each of the sucrose solution and pour them into each separate test tube. Add the same amount of water into its own test tube.
  3. Use the cork borer to cut bits of the potato out, use a ruler and measure each potato piece to 1cm in length and cut it with a scalpel.
  4. Place each potato piece onto the electronic balancer and weigh each piece and make a note of how much they weigh in your table of results. Place each piece of potato into each test tube.
  5. Leave the potato in the solution for 20 minutes.
  6. Once the 20 minutes was up take each potato piece out one by one, blotch each potato on the tissue to remove excess solution and then place it on the weighing scales and make note of what they weigh in the table. We do this with each piece of potato.

Amount of sucrose | Weight before | Weight after | Difference | Percentage |
0.0 (water) | 0.44g | 0.46g | 0.02g | 4.5% |
0.25 | 0.43g | 0.44g | 0.01g | 2.3% |
0.50 | 0.43g | 0.44g | 0.01g | 2.3% |
0.75 | 0.48g | 0.48g | 0g | 0% |
1.0 | 0.50g | 0.48g | 0.02 | 4% |

Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from an area of high concentration to low concentration of water molecules.

  0.0 Increased

1.0 decreased

Next time to make the test more reliable I would leave the...