Better Companies,
Better Societies

Good Governance:
Key to Sustainability


Jan-Olaf Willums, D.Sc.
Member of the Global Corporate Governance Forum’s
Private Sector Advisory Group
October 10.2010


Global Corporate Governance Forum
 Purpose:
• Promoting corporate governance reform and good practices in
emerging markets and developing countries

 Donor-funded organization:
• Founded by the World Bank Group and OECD
• Hosted and supported by the International Finance Corporation
• Supported by Austria, Canada, France, Flanders (Belgium),
Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland

 Activities:
• Provides and funds technical assistance and training
• Promotes knowledge sharing through Toolkits and Publications

 Advised by private sector business leaders and
investors through Private Sector Advisory Group

Work Program
 Target audience:
• Provides assistance to governments, CG reform advocacy and
capacity building organizations, such as Institutes of Directors
• 72 countries supported over FY06-10 in all regions

 Focus Areas:

Building Director Training Organizations
Developing Codes and Scorecards
Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes
Training the Trainers for Board Directors
Training Financial Journalists on how to cover CG issues

• Knowledge products: Lessons Learned, detailed “how-to”
toolkits, case studies/academic research, and opinion pieces

• Sharing Experiences: A direct dialogue with the PSAG


The view from a ”Sustainability- investor”
Background as co-founing director of the World Business Council for
Sustrainable Development
Created in 2010 InSpire as a ”seed investment”” group with a focus on
sustainable development and ”clean-tech”
• REC (solar PV , co-founded 2000)
at least 3 man
• Think Global (Electric Vehicles, 2006)
• ZEM (Zero Emission Mobility, 2008)

days a2006
IPO planned 2011/12