Dear Mr. Clarkson,
I am writing to you in regards to your blog ‘I Hate Airports’ which expresses your concerns about security control and waiting times within airports themselves. I do not think you have thought about all of the points; would you really want to put your loved ones in danger instead of patiently waiting for the airport security to do their job? From reading your unreasonable blog, I can see clearly that you’re self-obsessed person, who does not care for their safety or the safety of others.

I strongly disagree with many factors that were raised throughout your blog. Firstly, I think it is absolutely stupid, that you believe we should just ignore terrorists and ‘ignoring terrorists’ will save your time. How you think think this is a sensible idea, I shall never comprehend. In many unfortunate cases we come across terrorists in which plan to kill. The idea of toughening airport security, which in your case increases queues is in order to stop these stone-hearted, dangerous, insecure criminals, potentially saves many lives. Your concept of ‘ignoring terrorists’ can lead to many lives put under huge risks. Many people board planes in order to go on holiday; and others may go abroad to work or even in the process of migration. Why should innocent people be put through the danger of losing their lives along with their families all because a Jeremy clarkson does not wish to be waiting around airport queues which everyone is part of. Surely you would agree that something like this clearly cannot be taken no notice of.

Your comparison between trains and airplanes is just simply and utterly pathetic! I know that trains don’t have securities but this is most likely because many catastrophes have not happened on a train before. Also, if you think logically (which I understand you may not be able to), trains are on the ground/tracks while airplanes are high up in the sky and can’t be stopped at any time. Trains don’t demolish buildings and kill thousands...