Jane Eyre and Cinderella

Extension English- Assessment Task 2
Jane Eyre
It was a cold, damp evening. I was keen to arrive at Thornfeild hall before night fall. I was on the last few miles home, when suddenly she appeared from nowhere, the horse spooked and I fell. There she was looking meek and frightened. Of course I was annoyed, but also embarrassed that she had caused me to slip. I covered the loss of pride with gruffness. Her attempt to help me, forced me to pity her, she was so sad looking, not pretty but there was something so interesting about her, I just couldn’t take my eyes away from her face. Mrs Fairfax always made such a fuss over me when I arrived home; it irritated me more than ever as my ankle was causing me a great deal of pain. She was also insisting that I meet the new governess.
Mrs Fairfax announced her arrival, I barely looked up. That was until I noticed who she was, the strange girl that spooked my horse. I couldn’t believe it, she was Adele’s governess. For once I was interested in the conversation, although she wasn’t as clever as me she kept up well. Surprisingly though she had no tale of wow.
The next week or so continued with me attending to business and spending the nights enjoying the company of young Jane. She was desperate to hear the story of how Adele came into my care, I decided I had strung her out long enough and finally gave into her. I woke to the most startling thing that night. Luckily Jane had stirred, as I would hate to think of the consequences if she hadn’t.   Bertha had once again tried to end my life. I assisted Jane in extinguishing the remains of the as she had, although it surprised me, take care of much of it. Once the fire was out, my thoughts went to the horrid women and whether she was back in her room.   On entering the staircase Grace Poole offered an apology, I didn’t care for it much all I wanted to know was that the mad women was safely locked away. When I reached the door her sickening laughter was clear, she was proud of her...