It Jasva Applet

Java Applets
Gene Johnson
IT/238-Introduction to Web Design

A Java applet is a program written in the Java language that can be included in the HTML of a web page similar to the way images are added to script. The Java applets can run in the context web browser. The java applets can function in many platforms including Linux, UNIX, Mac and Microsoft.
The Java applets enhance a page by adding sound, graphics, or supplying individual user interface. This allows for more interaction by the users. This can keep the user entertained longer or it can be used as an interesting way share useful information. The only down side is that the applet can bog the webpage down. People can get carried away with them overload the page with applets. This can slow down a page and cause distraction to the users.
The differences between Java and JavaScript are more than a person would imagine. The name of the languages would lead someone to believe that they were very similar. It appears at first glance that one program grew from the other are just add-ons to the previous version much like CS4 and CS5. The thing that Java and JavaScript do have in common is that they are both Object Oriented Programming, meaning they are both the sum of the individual parts. The basics of being Object Oriented Programming are just about the only things that they have in common other than that they are different in design and ability. JavaScript is a lighter version of java and has a simpler set of commands than Java, which can be learned by regales people. Java is a much more complicated language that has the ability why it is able to stand on its own. The complex nature of Java allows it to be used to do thing such as run appliances, mobile devices and handheld games. The JavaScript relies on the browser to be activated. The simpler coding structure doesn’t allow it to do anything outside the browser. The JavaScript has to be placed in a HTML document for it...