“It Is How Individuals React to the World Around Them That Reveals the Most Interesting Connections Between Texts.”

The individuals in King Richard III and Looking for Richard create strong connections between the texts. It is how the composers, William Shakespeare and Al Pacino, react to the world around them that creates connections between the texts. These connections show how the texts, regardless of the vast differences in context, are interconnected and occupy each other. Through the characters, the composers portray themes such as morality, conscience and fate. Al Pacino explores context, audience and purpose to make connections between the texts and inevitably becomes so immersed in the docu-drama that he can be seen by the audience as one with Richard.

    The composers are connected through their endeavours to tell the complex story of King Richard III. Shakespeare and Al Pacino aim to present the characters and plot in an artistic way that is both entertaining and evokes contemplation of the themes such as morality and consequence. However, truly valued art has a social significance behind its outward appearance and its composer has a strong purpose. Shakespeare and Al Pacino have underlying contextual aims when presenting Richard’s story. Shakespeare alludes to the War of the Roses in attempt glorify the Tudors struggle for the crown. Richard is an exaggeration of a Machiavellian politician and the evils the Tudors overcame to win their position. Similarly, Al Pacino aims to create connections to the between Shakespeare and the American audience that appears to have lost touch with classical literature.
    “It has always been a dream of mine to communicate how I feel about Shakespeare to other people.”-Al Pacino
    Pacino’s motive is to reawaken the American audience to Shakespeare by adapting the play to fit a modern context and making the audience connect to the themes that are still relevant to modern society. These motives demonstrate how texts can be used to enlighten audiences to the world around them despite the time and context. Al Pacino illuminates...