Issue Analysis

Issue Analysis
Ronke Odigie
December 08, 2014
Deborah, Wilkerson

Issue Analysis
  1. What are some of the strength associated with the Pro side of the issue? What are some of the weaknesses?
The issue analysis of the argument is whether it is the woman’s choice to opt out of work or not. The pro side of the issue believed that it is the woman’s choice whether to work or stay at home; staying at home will give her the chance to raise her children by herself, and working will allow her to be in the professional world, doing what she love. The strength of the pro side of the issue is that women want to be the one to take care of their own children, there is little daycare, or live-in nanny can do. “A Child’s family has more influence on development through infancy and early childhood than any other period of life, which is why a mother’s present in the house instead of workplace is critical (Berger, 2011).” The early developmental stage of a child is very critical, children need their mothers touch, love, attention and affection, which is why most professional moms opt out of work to stay at home, and care for their children themselves. Since work take too much of their time, and they can only spend limited time with their children and do house chores, deciding to stay at home for the family for these reasons will be an easy decision to make.  The weakness of this Pro side of the issue is that most women “wants to eat their cake and have it back” they want to have a successful career and also have time to care for their children. Making a decision whether to opt out of professional world or to stay at home which is a hard decision to make, not every woman can do it. Staying at home has its own difficulties, women not used to being a full time housewife might be depressed, lonely, or feeling empty. Those women that decided not to give up their professional works will also face many challenges combining work and family life together.

  2. What are...