Is White Not Right?

Campos 1
Adan Campos
Professor Daniels
English 100
August 29th, 2010
Is White Not Right?
When it comes to academics in today’s society it is still a lot like it was ten years ago: white students do the best in school, while the blacks and Hispanics are still struggling.   But has anyone really stopped to think about the minority students that do well in school and why they are doing so well?   Some people might say that the answer to that is simple; it’s because they “act white.”   In order to find out why certain minorities “act white” at school, one has to take a look at his/her friends, families, and their school teachers.
A students biggest influence at school is their friends, whether they are just starting out in kindergarten or almost done with high school.   Most people are made up by the people they are surrounded by; and for the most part that does ring true, so one has to wonder are the students that act white surrounded by other students that act white?   Usually that is not the case because students that act white wind up losing their friends.   If one is a minority and reading this paper right now, can he or she think back to a time when their friends gave you a hard time for something silly that they did, do they remember how big of a deal they made it, now imagine how bad it would be if they were giving them a hard time for acting white.   They would probably say that these people are changing into something they are not and that their friends don’t like it.   Students that act white are always likely to lose their friends but in return they do get better

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grades.   A great example of this is a student by the name of Ixavion Wright a black student that graduated the top of his class in 2006 as the valedictorian with a 4.0 plus GPA he states “As I’ve gone through my school career, people have called me white because I’ve made good grades and didn’t conform to the stereotype.   My whole take on it was.   I didn’t really care.   I chose to be...