Is War an Inevitable Feature of International Politics?

War is an inevitable feature of international politics
The most important theories as far as international politics is concerned are based on disciplines of international relation and the two mainstream school of thoughts are relation and ------ each offering a different ---- balance between the dispute and harmony in the world. However, these two school of thoughts realism and liberation has become more similar over time -- World War 1 liberal ideas and theories were challenged about the moral injustice and social norms in international politics by some realists.
Realists highlighted the war as the fact that cannot be derived in power politics.
Realism is the thought of school that views the world that is realist in the sense that it is hard headed and where moral injustice is inevitable their belief is that a states normal interest are very important, that is explained by the term "power politics"
Relation is based on the thought that people by nature are selfish ad complicated and can be described by the term "egoism"
The belief that the state because it is run by the people
Is in a constant competition with the other states and selfishness is reflected by the   Sovereignty of the state and also that the state system operates in a context on international   anarchy.
The real idea is that the egoism and conflict makes up power politics.
The term power politics is described as the struggle of power over the men and whatever the aim maybe the goal is to acquire power.
Within realism,there are two further decisions of school if thought which is classical realism and neorealism.
But the real idea of realism is
Statecraft and national interest.
Statecraft is the art of conducting public affairs or the skills associated   with it. Moreover, the realists believe that balance of power bring in stability.