Is There Racisim Present in the Police

Is there racism present in the criminal justice system?

My aims   of this research is to find out whether there is strong evidence to suggest that racism is present throughout the criminal justice system and my objective   will depend on the outcome of my research. If my research proves that racism is present my objective would be to devise possible solutions to overcome racism in the criminal justice system or if my findings to my research prove that racism is not present then to try and eliminate the stigma that racism does exist.

Before I carry out my research my prediction of the outcome will be that racism is in fact present throughout the criminal justice system. I have based my prediction on previous research on this topic that has suggested racism is present and I have also based it on my own current views on the situation based on views of the media.

There have been many other pieces of research carried out and literature written on racism within the criminal justice system and the two most well known and arguably most influential are the Scarman and Macpherson report.

The Brixton riots came about due to the increased numbers of stop and search on young black youths otherwise known as operation swamp. During the riots 299 police and at least 65 civilians were injured during the riots. The home office appointed lord Scarman to hold a public inquiry. His findings were that the riots started after two policemen were seen to allegedly ignore a young black man who had sever stab wounds. He put the causation of the riots down to racial aggravation by the police and in particular the racial bias of stop and search. After his findings Scarman insisted on more community policing and that the police should employ more officers from ethic origins. The Scarman report was seen as a mile stone in tackling racial prejudice in the police.

On April 22nd 1993 Stephen Lawrence was brutally murdered. This was a malicious unprovoked racial attack. It was the...