Is It Necessary to Lubricate for Vibratory Feeder?

Vibrating feeder is also called the vibratory feeder, is specially designed for crushing screening before the coarse crusher evenly conveying bulk material and design a new type of vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder is widely used in metallurgy, coal, electronic, mechanical, chemical, building materials, light industry, food and other industries, in the production process, for the massive, granular, powdery materials from storage bin or funnel quantitative continuously and evenly to the device. And do you know whether it is necessary to lbricate for the vibratory feeder or not?

This mechanical Feeder performance advantages are in the following: 1. The vibration motor as the vibrator, low noise, small power consumption, good regulation performance, no flow phenomenon. 2. Smooth vibration, reliable operation, long service life. 3. Convenient adjustment, by adjusting the excitation at any time change and control flow. 4. Simple structure, reliable operation, easy installation and adjustment, light weight, small volume, convenient maintenance.

Vibrating grizzly feeder installation and debugging, using and maintenance:1, vibrating feeder, such as used for ingredients, quantitative feeding, to ensure the uniform stability of feed, prevent the complete materials should be installed, such as general continuous feeding material, can install downdip 10 °.For larger viscous material and water content of the material can be installed downdip 15 °. 2, after the installation of feeder should swim with 20 mm of clearance, transverse level, suspension device adopts flexible connection. 3, empty try before, all the bolts should be strengthened, especially the vibration motor of the anchor bolt, continuous operation for 3 to 5 hours, should be retightened. 4, commissioning, two vibrating motors to rotate. 5, when the feed in the process of operation should be regularly check the amplitude, the stability of the current and noise, find parking exceptions should be timely...