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With these and other objects of my invention described in the accompanying pages and illustrated in the drawings herein referred to and pointed out in the ap pended claims, more detailed description of the method disclosed, including the various steps used, and the resulting product will now be revealed. v 1 In the drawings illustrating my invent1on.My method of manufacture is designed to form a block of different forms of material, and especially of more than one quality of material, one of which shall be of particularly ornamental character and shall,Iron Mining Process Flow Chart, by making according to my method, expose to th external surface of a wall in which such blocks are laid, a fractured surface of the especially ornamental material, and one in which small stones of rare beauty shall have been split in the general plane of fracture thereby exposing a jeweled surface of great brilliance, and not to my knowledge attained by methods heretofore used. One great bluish or of a purple shade.

weakness in the fracturing step of block manufacture heretofore used was the practice of producing fracture while the block was still green, at least not fully hardened. The result could never therefore have the beauty and especially the brilliance of surfaces which could be attained by fracture of fully hardened material which had been cured before fracture.

To accomplish the desired result and produce the effect designed artificially, it is necessary to mold the material with care,and it is my purpose to mold a block of larger depth than the final product, so that the plane of fracture shall be transverse of the depth of the mold as here shown in the molding view. In my first form of embodiment of my invention, a deep mold A is set up but one end of the mold being shown in the view in Fig.2) here shown as supported on the usual form of pallet B.

Iron Mining Process Flow Chart