Iphone Segmentation

Principles of Marketing

Individual Essay


Pan An Simone

Segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning
Describe and evaluate critically the segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning strategies adopted by Apple for its new   iPhone 3GS.

Rome, 16 November 2009

In this individual essay the Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning marketing adopted by Apple Inc.’s product “iPhone 3GS” are going to be analyzed and evaluated.

Apple Inc. is a well known IT company, specialized in the production of Operative Systems, Computers, MP4s, Computer gadgets and Mobile Phones with its headquarter at Cupertino, in the middle of Silicon Valley, California. The beginning of the company starts on the 1st of April, 1976, founded by the company’s CEO Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple has been well known in the first 80’s by Macintosh computers, at present associated with famous “iPod”, multifunctional mp3 player and its online music store named “iTunes Store”.   iPhone is one of the latest Apple’s creation which is a mobile phone equipped with an inside iPod, an Internet web browser, a camera, multi-touch screen, the possibility to access thousands of applications and many other features.

Apple Inc. has reached three generations of iPhones so far since the start of the production of the good. The first named iPhone, second generation named iPhone 3G and the last, present in the current market, iPhone 3GS. A great deal of improvements between these three products were made concerning the speed of the device, the product efficiency and material quality, leading to the ultimate Apple creation, the iPhone 3GS

iPhone surely has catched many customers’ attention for its features but in the marketing point of view, how was evaluating what group of customers to target taken place?

Market Segmentation
Markets consist of buyers, and buyers are all...