Inventory System

                                                        CHAPTER I


As year pass by technology continues to evolve and grow, and businesses started

shifting from using the manual systems to computer-based systems. Computers make

works easier and faster. With this thing, you can create anything like programs that may

help you make your work easy. Now, we have   Inventory System which can be consider

a big help when it comes to large businesses. It can make your work more detailed,

faster, accurate and less error Manual inventory is a handmade list of materials or

goods used in certain business. Other small business, they are still using a manual

inventory. With this process, they might encounter some problems or difficulty. Manual

inventory relies heavily on the actions of people, which increases the possibility of

human error. People might forget to record a transaction or simply miscount the number

of goods. This may results in needless additional orders that increase the company's

inventory carrying costs, meaning the business could run out of a crucial item at the

wrong time.   Meanwhile, there is this thing called sales and inventory system. This

system can replace the cost and time consuming processes that were once completed

by hand while providing companies with more accurate data. This system is used to

track the merchandise and goods of retail stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc.

Automated inventory systems play a large role in today’s businesses, especially the

retail industry. This is because businesses want the ability to access and organize data

in a quick and efficient manner.


JAMM Inventory System for Technosam Corporation the Inventory System supports updating inventory information for all items, monitoring inventory depletion, and importing and exporting inventory...