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Sales Inventory System of

I. Description of the Study
1.0 Research Description

The study is about creating an automated system that enables a user to store the details of the inventory and capable of updating the inventory based on the sales details, generate sales report whether it may be daily report, weekly, monthly or   by period. Basically, Sales and Inventory are two of the most dynamic aspects of any business operation; a company has to make sure that it keeps track of sales and inventory accurately because failure to do so will have repercussions on the stores’ financial as well as the level of customers’ satisfaction. This study is intended to make the system integrated when it come to the users, thus, the system is capable of catering more than one user; the user component (for sales-in charge) and the admin component (the system administrator) that can perform admin level functions such as adding new items to the inventory, changing or modifying the details of an item and many more.

After a while of deliberation, our team chooses EVA CARE MEDICAL DISTRIBUTOR (ECMD), located at 0149 F.S. Pajares Avenue, Pagadian City. This establishment focuses on selling a wide variety of medical supplies and apparatus, making ECMD indeed one of the most popular medical distributors in the city. We choose them to be our client since they do not have any automated system to help them lessen their work load. In automated system, it is easy to document and secure data especially in terms of Sales and Inventory, the products that shall be counted should reconcile with the sale and the data is automatically updated according to the inputted data. The other benefit of the system is the accuracy it ensures; unlike the inventory that is maintained by hand or commonly known as manual process, the possibility of committing error increases because mistakes like typographical errors, miscalculation may lead to bankruptcy or failure. We are talking...