Inventing Elliot Year 9 Analytical Essay

Inventing Elliot Analytical Essay
“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”
―George Orwell, 1984
What was Elliot’s intention when knocking on the headmaster’s door? Was it to rebel against the Guardians and turn them in? Was it to explain to the headmaster about his home issues? Was it to turn himself in? Was it all those reasons, or more?
In order to work out why, let’s look a bit deeper into Elliot’s home situation. His father, after an unexpected attack a few years back, had become emotionally lifeless. That was what signified the beginning of all the problems within the household. Soon after, their finances started deteriorating, with Elliot’s mother having to work two, maybe three different jobs a day and the family constantly moving house. Not only this, but the relationships and mood within the house were slowly turning sour. Elliot was having more arguments with his mother more frequently, which had never happened before.
Elliot could have possibly gone to speak to the headmaster about these home issues, and to maybe ask for help, or just let out all his emotions. He wanted to talk to someone, anyone and tell them how upset he was. Elliot may have been so distressed that he didn’t care who he told, as long as he told someone.
Another possible scenario could be that Elliot would be so guilt-ridden that he’d want to turn himself in, to tell the headmaster about all the terrible things he had done, without mentioning the Guardians. No, that would be too risky. He would tell the headmaster about how his past and how he’d gone from being bullied to being a bully. He’d be so anxious he’d exaggerate and twist it around so it seemed like there were no Guardians.
The third possible reason is what I consider to be the most likely. Elliot could have knocked on the headmaster’s door to tell him everything. Everything about the Guardians, about how he got involved, about his past and maybe...