Into the World

Standard English- ‘Into the World’
By Matthew

‘Into the world’ is about how individuals, who show determination, who are given the opportunity and receive support, can excel beyond their original status and location as well as their narrow and naïve view of the world. If an individual has the desire to follow their dream and move into a new world they require personal traits such as; determination, passion and commitment. Moving into a new phase of life is usually not one simple transition. It takes time, support, money and also resources. Moving into a new world is not just physically challenging because a change in environment can challenge someone’s values and beliefs like it has with Billy and Jackie. Often the change is due to individuals following their passion or longing for change physically, socially or financially. However, moving into a new world is not always by choice. Many people are forced on this endeavour for reasons such as poverty, work or family obligations. The concept of ‘into the world’ is explored and examined through the texts ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘Luke’s Way of Looking’ and ‘Lose Yourself.’

In the film ‘Billy Elliot’ Stephen Daldry portrays a young boy called Billy Elliot, who is at a pivotal point in his life where he must make the critical decision about who and what he is. His character has a strong drive and determination which enables him to move from the norm and into the unknown. Daldry positions the audience to see the difficult path Billy must take to make his transition successful. He sets the film in the dull and cramped mining town of Everington; to show the audience how difficult it will be for Billy to leave this small town which has narrow minded and limited views on gender stereotypes. He uses filmic techniques which displays Billy on a threshold (doorway into a new life).

The opening sequence of the film establishes Billy’s life and context. The song that is playing in this scene Cosmic Dancer by T-Rex tells the...