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Anthony B Paredes

Alright now that I am understand what you are asking of me. My topic is on Search Engines: Online Banking versus Old fashion banking topic. Now some people do not know that with the www in front of a word and whatever domain after that they can go anywhere in the information highway; the internet.   Www; (world-wide-web), doesn’t have to be in front of the word when sometimes it’s not needed. But it does help one from not going into the wrong website. American Banks and Credit Union Banks are a big part of online banking. The three sub topics are as followed; International & Domestic wire transfers and Bank to Bank transfers. Where if you need to find out about the location of the nearest bank details on both the location and banking for the site is explained in general details.   In search engines you can explore the information that you have acquired about that topic you are looking for. Therefore you can understand more in details as it is explained in different languages. Online banking has come up in the world of banking, where one can view the details versus going inside the bank where you have to ask for a bank representative to see you as you are placed on a waiting list. As they go thru the waiting list you read the poster signs, varies pamphlets on banking details. To this day you can still do it the old fashion way versus the modern way of online banking. Online will give you general knowledge and sometimes it will go in depth details on what you ask the search engine to enquired on your subject in its world wide web library of information. I used the search engine Google on looking for the online chase banking. I enquired for chase banking on swift codes (< How do I sign up for Chase Online Wire Transfer Service? ... Mailing address with city,...