Internal and External Analysis

Internal and external analysis

TASK 1: Select any organisation (e.g. Retailer, Manufacturer, or Voluntary Organisation) near to where you live, and complete a detailed profile of it.

Introduction and Mission Statement
Wexport ltd, a subsidiary of LEO Pharma. LEO is a Danish based pharmaceutical company. It was founded in 1908 by two pharmacists August Kongsted and Anton Antons. LEO is a global organisation with over 3,600 employees within critical care and dermatology. The company headquarters are located in Denmark with a present in 54 countries and products are sold in more than 100 countries. Wexport is an active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacture. It has been in production in Cork still 1991 producing Tinzaparin. Tinzaparin is used in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and in the prevention of blood clotting. The branded product name is innohep, it is a low molecular weight heparin.

The LEO mission statement reads[1],
‘LEO Pharma is committed to the research, development and marketing of safe and effective prescription medicines, thereby supporting the LEO Foundation's contributions to medical science, chemistry and pharmacy.’

The statement meets the three main criteria for a mission statement

1. Uplift staff, and inspire employees to work towards a common goal;
2. Generate pride
3. Communicate a message to customers

The LEO vision is to be the best global company in critical care and Dermatology. To achieve this, LEO has established a clear vision and goal. LEO is a committed company, both to the people that work in LEO and the patients that they serve. It is a company where they research and bring new innovative medicines to the market place that will make a substantiate contribution to society. The continuation of the foundation ensures this.

Analysis of Products [2]
The main product is innohep. This product is used for anticoagulation treatment i.e. critical care. The main treatment is for thrombosis(see figure 1) i.e....