Intelligence Quiz

To answer whether this test was accurate or not, I am reflecting back on some of the other IQ tests I have taken in the past.   Previously I have taken IQ tests that included different types of questions which included spatial understanding.   This test did not include some of the basic comprehensive assessments that an intellectual person should exhibit.   All in all, it seems like the test was somewhat accurate, although there is no grading system given and you are basically expected to take the results at face value.   This is a bit of a problem for me because I like to know which questions I got wrong so I can think about them and try to absorb them into my memory.
  I do not believe that tests of this nature are theoretically capable of being biased.   The questions given are generally very basic in determining a person’s though processing and rationale.   To be biased, the test would have to make a distinct assertion towards one side of an issue having two or more possible view points.   This test does not make that distinction.   The person taking the test has to either answer the questions easily or struggle with them.   The fact that some people have a harder time with the questions than others does not suggest bias because the results are based on the factual assessment of whether a person has the ability to answer the questions correctly or not.
  In my opinion, tests like this should not be considered the end all and be all of a person’s intellectual capabilities.   There are many variables that have to be considered in respect to the daily social environment and the vast amount of decisions and calculations a person is required to make at any given time.   While tests like this can offer a glimpse into a person’s abilities to process information, they should not be used to determine an individual’s worth.   People have many different valuable characteristics and scoring high on an IQ test could or could not be one of them.