Indians vs Settlers

The Indians were all around the land of what now is the United States long before the English came over and settled it. Their life style instantly changed from the moment the whites came over. Many were killed and others were sent to reservations on the Great Plains. They still tried to live their normal lifestyle but it was hard to do so since they were under control from the hundred of thousands of whites. They had a different way of life since there technology was hundreds of years behind the Americans. This way of life they fought to preserve to the bitterly end.
They fought for many things to preserve some of which are land, culture, family, and their traditional way of life. There native land was being settled by the many whites for farming, housing, and for railroads. This destroyed their way of life and even their culture. There families were very important to them and when some of the Indian men heard of the soldiers killing their wife's and children they lost all trust for them and grew very angry. That is when they started to take action and fight back. All of what they had was beginning to fall apart and soon they would have nothing.
Many of the Indians were overwhelmed and were also enraged. This is because of what the soldiers did to them and their families. Soldiers were ordered by Chivington to kill all of the many women and children. They were helpless and had no chance of fighting back. All of them were killed or left their to die at Sand Creek. This was a huge loss for the Indians which made them start to take action. They were overwhelmed because of the huge numbers of whites there were. They didn't have much of a chance against them because of their vast numbers.
If the Indians had possessed the weapons and organization to fight they would still be doomed to extinction because of the great numbers of Americans. They were greatly out numbered and couldn't stand a chance against them. The American soldiers were also trained to fight and...