Indian Mind

Indian mind is known in the world as a synonym for wisdom & prowess. Right from the days of learning civilization to the days of advanced civilization, Indian mind is ruling the world. India was the center of attraction in the ancient history for its glory. India remained as the place of destiny for many in the medieval history. India today commands both respect & revenue from every corner of the world.

Indian mind is the unique blend of Spiritualism & Materialism. It is intelligent. It is industrious. It is sentimental. It is practical. It is adventurous. It is conventional. It is religious. It is tolerant. The qualities of the Indian Mind are thus, diversified in nature.
How come this diversification took place? The answer to this question leads to the origination or evolution of Indian Mind.

The evolution of Indian mind has not taken place over night or out of any political resolution. It is the culture, the living style, the accommodative nature and more over     predominance of unity in diversity adopted by India that lead to the evolution of the high esteemed Indian Mind today.

The rich heritage of ancient Science, Language, Arts, Administration and Culture continued till today without neglecting the modern trends and suitably updating by accommodating them.   The development of science and art was at its peak during ancient times. No other country could compete with India in the fields of   Astrophysics     and Medicine at one point of time. Indian art is ever enthralling. Indian Literature is rich in propagating Universalism. Indian Mind takes solace in Music, may it be Carnatic or Hindusthani.

Indian Mind strongly believes in “Means justify the ends.”   That is why it strictly complies with the written and unwritten rules of social life. Indian Mind thrives for harmony. India never invaded any country in its long history of political life. Struggle for existence and Struggle for betterment are the prime driving forces for any economy to prosper....