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Abortion on Demand

The process of working in the team. The Preparation and the presentation of the debate, the problems and difficulties encountered and how these were solved by the team.

I would like to start answering this question by introducing the topic.
According to the law dictionary, abortion is a form of miscarriage, or the premature expulsion of the womb’s contents before the term of gestation is complete . In law this means the confinement of a pregnant woman at anything short of the full term, that is, her miscarriage.
The 1967 Act   made lawful the termination of a pregnancy by a registered medical practitioner, if two registered medical practitioners are of the opinion formed in good faith continuance of the pregnancy would involve a greater risk to the pregnant woman or to her children than if the pregnancy were terminated or if there is a substantial risk that if the child were born, it would be seriously handicapped by physical and mental abnormalities.

A pregnancy may be lawfully terminated without taking the opinion of the two registered practitioners in case of an emergency, although evidence of professional practice and medical probabilities is necessary.

In R v Smith   it was stated that it is an indictable offence any pregnant woman unlawfully administer to herself any poison or other noxious substance, or unlawfully uses any instrument or other means with intent to procure her own miscarriage, or where any person unlawfully administer to or causes to be taken by any woman, whether pregnant or not any noxious thing with intent to procure her miscarriage or uses any instrument or other means with like intent .

The process of working in the team and preparation of the debate/presentation

There were eight people altogether that showed interest in this topic.
The first meeting was held in on 19th February 2008 when the group was formed. The second meeting was held on 22nd of February 2008. At this session, we discussed the...