In Relation to Me

In relation to me
Response to Szalavitz “Born to Love”
The topic of this essay really hit base with me because I first hand have seen it. I worked as a Future Farmer of America (FFA) officer for, four consecutive years and we did interaction days with the elementary children every once in a while. At the beginning in was hard to break through the technology, parent filling their heads with wrong information, and above all the economic groups. But once we did the kids never looked so happy the interacted with all the kids in the school not just a select few like when we started.
Technology had a big effect on younger children that in the older ones. The biggest problem was trying to get them to talk rather than to text someone in the classroom even if they are right next to you. We tried having them to play telephone and passing notes to each other to try to open up to the other kids in the classroom. It helped a little but the richer kids would not talk to the poorer ones so on to our next drill.
Another major role was how rich or poor their families are separated a few. We did exercises on money management for example we gave them a bank account and an interest rate and in a week we would find out who made the better choice the higher income kids or the lower income kids in almost every grade we tried this in the lower income kids won the fact is they might have been born in to a poorer family but the money saving and financial stability is better in families that have nothing it encourages them to safe not spend.
Now the biggest problem we found was the parenting in these children. Parents make the biggest influence on their children than anyone else even if they don’t believe it. Child watch, learns, and does what their parents do. And parents tend to encourage different friends because they are friends with their parents. Kids are affected by their parent’s decisions and by the time they have to form a relationship with their children.
I do think that all...