In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood" is Truman Capote's original drama about a catastrophic event. The Clutters are a well known family in the town of Holcomb. In the short time we see the Clutters alive we see Mr.Clutter's concern for his wife. We also see his strictness towards his daughter Nancy. Mr.Clutter portrays his strict and caring ways towards his family through his actions every day.

    Capote's diction portrays Mr.Clutter's firm and controlling ways. Mr.Clutter's rules were like "laws" but as he was "weakened" by the night he "consented" on letting Nancy stay out. (Capote 8) Mr.Clutter had strict rules on only letting the kids out until ten on weekdays and twelve on Saturdays. But becaue he is an understanding man he let Nancy go past these times on this special occasion. Soon after Mr.Clutter caught Nancy "kissing" Bobby, he asked her to "discontinue" seeing him and to "promise" she would start breaking off from him. (9) Mr.Clutter does not approve of Nancy's way of "going steady" with Bobby. Mr.Clutter does like Bobby, he just does not like his ways and the fact that he is catholic, so he suggests they break up. Mr.Clutter's authority is respected and not questioned.
    Capote's detail illuminates the care Mr.Clutter towards his family. Mr.Clutter's "[concern]" for his "poor Bonnie" causes his "disquiet". (7) With Bonnie's illness it is driving Mr.Clutter
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insane trying to make her well. When Mr.Clutter finds out that it is a physical problem he was a little more relieved. As soon as Bonnie was "resurrected" the home had a sense of "normality". (8) Bonnie practically felt dead with her sickness causing an awkward feeling at the Clutter home. But as soon as she felt better the household felt back like it used to. Mr.Clutter's care and worry for his wife huge and noticed.

    Truman Capote's drama focuses on a more than average family of four. In this family Mr.Clutter Is the one who runs the whole household and keeps things in order. And...